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BASIC Spring/Summer 2019 Monthly Event/Activity Descriptions

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Groups: Breakfast                                 

Eggs, bacon, hash browns and OJ sound good? Let’s get together and have some great food and conversation.


Groups: Lunch                                                       

How about a salad or a BLT sandwich? Let’s get together and have some great food and conversation.


Groups: Men                                        

What’s on your mind? Let’s meet and greet some new guys and hang out for a while.


Groups: Women                                  

Let’s get together and talk about what’s happening in our lives with great friends and through wonderful conversation.


Groups: Couples                                   

Let’s get together and hang out. There are plenty of choices on finance, vacations and tips for fun-filled retirements, but very little on building stronger lives while heading into the later chapter in life. Join us!



Let’s meet at the theater, watch a great movie and get dinner afterwards. It’s great to be together and have some wonderful conversation!



We’re always looking to grow and discover things that will enrich our lives. Cooking, Ceramics, RVing, Car Fix It, Painting, IT, Music, Self Defense, Protecting Ourselves as we Age and more!



It’s all about staying fit but having a great time with friends as we continue to help ourselves. How about some pick-up basketball, low impact weight lifting, cycling, mountain biking, jogging, flag football and so much more!



It’s gorgeous outside! Let’s meet and take in Colorado! Join us for trail hiking, golf, walking, jogging, 4 wheel driving, motor cycle rides, RV trips and more, more, mor


Grandparents Legacy Network           

Things are crazy these days and our adult children want our help more than ever in many numbers of different ways. They may not even show it as yet. What legacy of yourself will you leave them? We’ll talk about not living in the past, personality changes, transitioning from being a parent to a trusted friend, not having to entertain them, helping but never enabling and much more!  


Club House Forum                                  

It's time to meet together in a relaxed setting. Let’s talk about subjects such as the ability to pay bills, affording retirement, how to handle late life working, wellness and dealing with physical, mental and emotional health. We follow our discussion with a  BBQ by the pool.....can't beat that! Be with us!


Life Issues Support                                       

We help boomers move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want in their senior years. We help people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make mid course adjustments in their lives and want some assistance to do so.  


Travel Adventures                 

ROAD TRIP! We’re doing overnight local trips and having a blast! We’re lucky to live in a place that offers so many fun opportunities. Join us!



We deal with Senior subjects like high blood pressure, depression, caregiving, healthy relationships with your spouse, who’s watching out for me as I get older, and so much more! Our goal is to help you manage “the dailies” as we go along our way. Join us live online!



We need each other more than ever as we get older. For those of us dealing with certain needs staying connected is a real need. Let’s serve others dealing with serious challenges who need a friend to talk to via the internet. If they are alone in a hospital or shut in at home, or dealing with special needs let’s be there for them. Training is provided.


Boomer Living

As we age home life changes. What was once simple and easy is becoming a bit more challenging. Where we live and the home we reside in must eventually be upgraded to make daily life easier. Mobility and ease of use like higher counters, security, communication must be considered. Find our more at our next meeting!


NOTE: All B4B activity/events associated costs and liability rests with each participant.

NOTE: Regarding classes, we are not professionals or experts on any particular subject. Boomers4Boomers simply offers people an exchange of information to inform and support attendees.

NOTE: We strive to organize our activities and events in relatively small group gatherings. That way everyone has the chance to interact and have fun!

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