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  We are dedicated to helping people ages 50 and older improve their quality of life as they age

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4 Wheel Drive Runs



Horseback Riding


60+ Local Sports Leagues

Eldora Mountain Resort


B4B Baby Boomer Life Guidance

We're just a bunch of BOOMERS4BOOMERS...who take our free time  and have a blast! Working Boomer? Semi-retirement or retirement  different than what you thought it would be?  Join our neighborhood! 






Low Impact Aerobics

Low Impact Resistance Band Weight Lifting






Physical Health

Mental Health

Emotional Health





Day Trips

Overnight Trips

Road Trips

Club House Forums

The Ability to Pay Bills

Affording Retirement

How to Live Without Your Spouse

Who's Going to Look Out for Me?

Caring for Elderly Parents

Relating to Adult Children and


How to handle Late Life Working

How to Handle Semi Retirement and


How to Grow Relationally with Spouse,

Friends and Family



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Local Area Events

Live Online Interactive Webinars  and Workshops

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “What is Baby Boomer Wellness?”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Adult Children”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How to Have a Superb Relationship with Your Spouse as We Age”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How Do Baby Boomers Manage Depression as We Age?”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How Do Baby Boomers Help/Manage Family Crisis?”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How Baby Boomers DO NOT Become Soft Targets”   

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “Why Baby Boomers Need to Feel Needed”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “Why Baby Boomers Need to Feel Loved”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How Baby Boomers May Grow Healthy without a Spouse”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How Baby Boomers Deal with Late Life Working”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How Baby Boomers Deal with Semi Retirement”

B4B Baby Boomer Webinar: “How Baby Boomers Deal with Retirement”

Join our Grandparents Legacy Network

Helping our adult kids and grandchildren

The name of the game is fun and great relationships! Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, movies, at the dog park...even men's pick up basketball games!!

Let's meet in groups

Hospital Connection
At Home Connection
Special Needs Family Connection
We find options and solutions to the issues and challenges we face as we age. Interactive, easy, simple, stress free, but powerful! Check it out!

We help boomers move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want in their senior years. Most "Boomers4Boomers" are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make mid course adjustments in their lives and require assistance to do so.

Let's start the conversation at weekly Baby Boomer online classes

Coming in 2020: B4B Internet Radio

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